The country house is distinguished by its Baroque and Renaissance details, which also contributes to the style in which it is built. Besides impressive architecture, the beauty of the castle is in its proximity to Dubrovnik of only 5km along with excellent connection with road and sea, but also isolation from city crowd on the banks of the river Ombla which provides natural climate.

What’s more, a great advantage of geographical position is ACI Marina, as one of the most fascinating and most visited in the Adriatic Sea, located at 100m air distance. Since this is the property which is nationally protected as a cultural monument, it has been renovated and looks the same as 500 years ago, including the arrangement of rooms, rich stone stairs, and arches made of autochthonous stone from Brač.

The castle is completely built which also includes the montage of wooden openings (doors and windows) as well as wooden floors. Only the furniture and inside facade are missing in the interior space, which would complement the luxurious look of this historic building.

The surface of the castle is 170m2 for every floor (ground floor and first floor) and high attic with roof windows (belvederes) which offer a fantastic view of the peaceful river Ombla and the back garden which is rich in Mediterranean fruits.

The back garden is separated from the view with walls and its privacy along with isolation from neighbouring houses makes it special. A variety of Mediterranean fruits, naturally and biologically grown, are planted in the garden, while they create natural shade and offer the additional privacy of enjoying in nature. The surface of the mentioned garden is 1000m2.

The front garden (on pictures) is located along the banks of the river Ombla and it is beautified with Mediterranean fruits and a diversity of flowers as well as a stone table from the 16th century which offers the opportunity to dine alongside the natural beauty and the pleasant climate of the garden. The surface of the front garden is 210m2.